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for Municipal Court Judge

Retain Judge Renee DiSalvo. Together, we can positively affect our city, one person at a time.
G.R.A.C.E. Program

Judge DiSalvo has developed G.R.A.C.E (Growth Restored through Acceptance, Change and Empowerment). Individuals identified as human trafficking victims are offered the opportunity to enter this treatment court and receive wrap-around services including counseling, substance abuse treatment, and other practical support. The pilot program began February 2019.

S.L.I.P. Court

Judge DiSalvo has enlarged the S.L.I.P. (Suspended License Intervention Program) Court to capture greater numbers of individuals and assist them in becoming valid drivers. Since she took the bench in November of 2018 the number of participants has grown from 2 to 32. She is currently working in tandem with Sarah Brown-Clark, Youngstown Clerk of Courts, to help people who may benefit from the BMV amnesty program.

Programs Pending

Judge DiSalvo’s Mental Health Court pilot program is expected to be completed mid to late summer of 2019.  In addition, her long range goal includes instituting the “Getting Ahead” program based on the “Bridges Out of Poverty” concept.  This is aimed at assisting individuals in obtaining, training, education and mentorship with the goal of employment and independence.

Judge DiSalvo Sworn In

Judge DiSalvo symbolically represents the tenacious hard-working spirit that is “YOUngstown”.  While a single mother, she worked herself off of public assistance, graduated Summa Cum Laude from YSU and then went on to obtain her law degree.  She will work just as hard to continue to serve Youngstown as the fair, compassionate and committed judge she is today, upholding the Constitution of the State of Ohio and administering justice impartially.

A great addition to the bench.

Judge DiSalvo is honored to work alongside of some the State’s finest judicial minds. She owes these great judges for their examples.  She stands on their shoulders as she serves with wisdom and fairness. 

Judge DiSalvo’s Approach

Judge DiSalvo’s approach is to consider the challenges and opportunities of the individuals that appear before her daily and to balance that with fair administration of justice for victims and their families.  Judge DiSalvo is creative in her use of treatment, education and accountability to produce the most positive results she can for the people she serves.


“This is the Place. Now is the Time. She is the One.”


Retain Judge Renee DiSalvo. Together, we can positively affect our city, one person at a time.
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Get Involved Now!

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Share The Campaign!

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